Hello--(zfd 7.00) we have one (so far) workstation which always halts at
the Zen menu on PXE boot. All of the other hundred or so only halt there
when they are in an unregistered state. This one _seems_ to be registered
(can remote control, etc.)but it still always stops (have to "x" out of
menu). Have repeatedly cleared zisd and also run fdisk and have reimaged
multiple times, but it still does this. So I burned up one of our (few)
incidents and made a call to Novell Support (mainly because I am concerned
that other workstations may start to do this as well), but there was no
help there--they just said to set the image policy not to halt unless
pressing ctrl-alt. I may be mistaken, but I think that that actually only
applies if there is work-to-do?.. at any rate, I made sure that it was set
that way since they said to do it... but it still doesn't work. I asked
them what exactly tells the workstation to stop there--but no answer from
them on that either. Regards, Chris G