So I mess around with Zenworks and get it going in our test lab on Windows
2003 R2 Standard Server, no netware servers. eDirectory works fine and
zenworks DM Imaging installs just fine. It is slow in imaging and PXE still
needs the meanwhile...

When I complete install for imaging server, imaging services start up
without a reboot, and show status in system tray. I can put an image on the
server no problems and restore as well. Trouble starts when I restart the
server, zenworks PReboot servers stay up while imaging server disappears.
Of course no imaging task can be completed now. I cannot seem to find out
why it stops working and how to start it manually.

Are there any logs/events I can look at? Would appreciate pointers to usual
suspects for such issues.

PS. eDirectory and Zenworks Imaging + PXE are on the same Windows server

Thanks, Novell Newbie.