My imaging server is up and running on my Netware 6.5 box. I created a
"Zenworks Image" object and pointed it at a zmg file which I created.

I'm running Workstation Import, so I used the workstation object's
"Zenworks Imaging Configuration" page to tell it to use the "Zenworks
Image" object which I had created.

When I boot the workstation using either the PXE boot disk, or the linux
partition, nothing happens - The Linux partition boot reports "No work to do".

I created a rule in my Imaging Server policy, stating that if the IP
address matched the one assigned by my DHCP server to that workstation,
then deploy the Zenworks Image - This works fine.

However, I'd rather not permenantly lease IP's - I don't have enough - and
manually specifying the IP and image for all 550 of my workstations will
take too much time.

How can I solve this problem - The Imaging Server policy has options for
Video card, Network Card etc, but I don't know what values to enter.

Many thanks in advance