I have looked but have not figured out whether this is possible. I work at
a school district and we have looked at ZEN Imaging several times over the
past several years (since imaging was a part of the ZEN family). There has
always been something that has kept us from moving off of the "boot disk
and ghosting" method. With the changes in ZEN 7 it is looking like we
might be able to make the switch. However, we are now looking for how to
make the imaging process as non-techy as possible.

What we are hoping is possible is to not have to use ConsoleOne or disks to
image a PC. The library staff at each school are the first level tech
support for the school. We don't what them to have to go into ConsoleOne
to "schedule" the PC to be imaged, since thye will need to be at the PC to
finish the process anyway. It would be nice if they could get to the PXE
Menu and just select an option to start the imaging. And then have the
image assigned to that hardware automatically put on the PC.

As it stands, whenever we try that we get the "No work to do" message. We
then need to either clear the ZIS info, or go into ConsoleOne to schedule
the task. Both steps we would like to be able to avoid if possible.

Is there a way to not have ZEN check if there is "work to do" and just have
it force the image down to the PC?

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL