Hello, have been trying to use zenworks 7 to image my new ASUS P5LD2-VM with
S-ATA disks and an Intel Gigabit Lan controller.

When trying to use PXE it just beeps and sometimes reboot.

With CD it didn't find any networks driver, i downloaded the latest driver
in source-form from Intel and built on a Novell OES-linux server. The
version number was the same but the three last digits was nearly the same.
Server had 2.6.5-7.195-default and the zenworks image 2.6.5-7.191-default.

I injected(e1000.ko) the file into the initrd-file by:
Extracting the initrd-file from the bootcd-image(using win-iso)
Transfered it to the unix server and gunzip:ing it
mounted it on the server.
Replaced the original e1000.ko with my compiled one
Dismounted the initrd-file and gzipped it, transfered the file back to my
and used winiso to replace the initrd in my boot-iso
Made a new CD.

Booted the computer with the CD but it couldn't find the NIC.

Issued theese commands:
modprobe e1000
ifconfig eth0 up
dhcpd eth0

And successfully imaged the computer.

What have i missed to make it automaticly probeing for the NIC?

Best wishes!