The reason I ask is that we have an image that is 20GB and we are having

1st We have a laptop image (3 GB) and it works fine. We took this master
image, cloned it with ghost to another drive and added all the info we
needed. Bringing the image to 20GB.

2nd We make our .zmg file (with a Zen 6.5 SP1 CD) and it is saved on the

3rd We have to use the Zen 6.5 (SP1) boot CD beacuse Zen 7 does not see the
HD in a Dell D510 laptop. We send the image to the laptop. The Novell
login screen comes up and we login and get:
A problem is proventing Windows from accurately checking the license on this
computer. Error Code: 0x80070002

The strange thing is, the master image for laptops works fine, and if I
ghost the 20GB image from the master to a laptop hard drive it works fine.
I get the error ONLY if I use Zen to image the laptop.

The master image was preped with UIU (Universal Imaging Utility) and we have
not had any issues with any other images. This one has me stumped! Any
ideas would be appreciated!

Also anyone have a ZEN 7 ISO that will work with a Dell D510 or Dell D610