Am having difficulty with Zen 7.0 Desktop Management imaging. Here's the deal:

Workstation is properly registered, and has an object in eDir. Imaging policy is properly set for the server. The server policy IS set to ALLOW a workstation to be reimaged with the same image that it already has (or more properly, the last one it received). PXE and imaging works fine on other workstations (in one case, it worked fine on 7 out of 10 workstationsin a lab, with the same image).

However - there are a few workstations that will do the PXE boot and load the linux boot image just fine, but do NOT find any "work to do". Booting into the Zen Imaging menu, and telling it to do it's automatic thing returns no work to do. Booting into the Zen Imaging menu, in the interactive mode, and choosing to find work to do also returns no work to do. Using the interactive mode and MANUALLY selecting an image to receive DOES work.

This tells me: It is not an issue with the PXE boot itself, or DHCP, or network communications. The policies are set up correctly, as other workstations receive the images automatically just fine - and all workstation objects are located in the same container, so it isn't a matter of some workstations reading different policies. Incidentally, in the example given of a lab, all workstations were in the same physical room - which adds additional evidence against a network issue.

What gives?