I have set up labs to multicast. Some workstations join the seesion but
never recieve a session number, so the multicast starts. If i then reboot
them they get a number like (session name)+001, but again only a few of
them accually start.
I have even manually started the workstaions. I hit control alt and boot to
zen. I start them manually by typing:
img session (session name)
I then go back to zen sever. On imaging screen i hit manually start
multicast seesion. I choose a number like 30 workstaions but start after 3
minutes (even though i have like 25 workstaions) It says they joined, but
only a few accually start imaging.
I believe it is a switch issue, but have no ideas how to troubleshoot it.
We has Nortel 450's BPS 2000 all have up-to-date firmware. All have
spanning tree off.
Any ideas?