I did get Zenworks installed on Winodws 2003 server. I am now having
issues tryin got image workstaion with it.
I have create Server package, workstaions package, containor package, and
slp package.
I have imported my workstaion into the tree. I then click on the
properties of that workstaion and check take image next boot. I then
select my server, which is a 2003 server running zen 7. It does not give
me the option to choose where to accually store the file. In netware you
select the bottom icon and you can choose the volume. Here the icon is
grayed out. Since i am running windowsn i manually type c:\images or
The workstaion boost past pxe and never gets work to do. I try and hold
control alt, and boot to zen maintenance mode. I then try to make image. I
get error that says can not connect to image server.
My guess was that i need a volume to select (not a drive letter ie c:\)
i installed a second hard drive and created a dynamic disk in windows
server. I then made it a volume. I tried to goto C1 and create a volume
object, but it keep asking for a physical volume.
Is anyone else trying to get Zenworks to run on windows. Does anyone have
any good referances to help. I am finding there is not allot of
information to help. I run zen on netware and have no issues with that. My
newest project is to install zenworks in a complete Windows enviorment.