It seems that a HP 1350 Series printer (all in one
printer,scanner,copier and multiple card reader) is causing a problem
with our Zenworks Imaging (version 7).

With the printer plugged into the usb port the system just goes through
a continual loop of no work to do. If the ZEN linux partition is not
put on the system there is no problem (we do a manual restore of the
image), as soon as the partition goes on though this loop occurs.

The imaging server works fine with other usb printers (HP 1280 A3
Printer) and Scanners (HP 2400). It would seem that the problem could
be with the card reader.

In terms of a solution to this I have tried changing the isolinux.cfg
file; specifying nousb as an extra option, but this made no

any help would be much appreciated