I am in a bind. I have created several images from working machines. I
have tried to image a few machines and from time to time on certain images
I get a "fragmentation error" and then the imaging progam halts and goes
to the bash screen. It happens at about the same time on the image. i
have been using manual mode. I have tried multicast from the same
machine that I created the image from and it halts at about the same time
also, with the same error. I have tried restoring the image to multiple
machines, with the same error. This error occurs on the same images,
other images work fine. I have tried different memory configurations, and
it still has the same issue. I am booting off of the novell boot cd. I
was obviously able to create the image with no problems. I need to be
able to use existing and running computers for images, but have not been
able to do so. Please give me som input!