I'm glad to see another post of this type. I'm not loosing my mind after

We have both Dell GX520's and GX620's. Supposedly thay are the same InTel
chip set (945G). We are running ZENworks 7 on NetWare 6.5 SP4a. The
remote management agents have all been updated to version 7. All the
workstations import with no problems. All are capable of remote
management. However, the GX520's are the only workstations that can PXE
boot and load/push an image. The GX620's will not. The NIC is first in
the boot sequence and PXE is enabled. They will see all the servers
involved in the process. I just cannot get them to load/push an image
upon boot. They will work if done manually though.

I know of at least one person having this problem. Has anybody gotten a
Dell GX620 to image?

Phillip Arnold
University of Central Arkansas