Hey there,

I would not have believed what I am saying if I did not prove it 10 times and see it myself.

We had a problem where we would image a machine and it would not boot. It would get to reading the hard drive and just hang. We would have two identical machines, Dell D600 laptops side by side. One would boot and the other one would not. They would be imaged individually or in a multicast. One would boot, the other wouldn't.

There seemed to be no rhyme or reason, UNTIL.

Get this, when the image is done, I would perform a ALT+X to get out of the session and then "reboot" the other person would press "close" then ALT+X and then reboot. EVERYTIME we pressed "close" first the machine would boot just fine. EVERYTIME we didn't press "close" the machine would not boot.

Weird eh?

Is there a TID on this or is it a part of the manual I didn't read? :)