Booting from a ZfD 7 imaging CD, I go into manual mode. I mount a second
hard drive (HDD) with a FAT32 partition onto the system under the
directory "backups". Then I go into IMG and ask it to create an archive
of the main NTFS partition on HDA into a file in "backups"

There is plenty of space on the FAT32 partition to do this since it is
about the same same as the original half-empty NTFS partition. However,
part way through I get this in the IMGLOG file:

> Write error 10380 of 16704
> Flushing buffers
> Deleting local archive due to error -306

And nothing is saved. Any idea why? Have I exceeded a FAT32 single file
limit? Or is there another fault occurring? To my knowledge there are
no errors on the drive itself although I'll be running another check on

David Last