(posted this to the three Zen Imaging NG's where this issue applies: 6.5
imaging, 7x.linux, 7.x NW-Win)

When booting from the SuSE 6.5sp2 boot.iso on a Dell Optiplex GX620, the
SuSE imaging main menu never shows up. As a result, the SuSE generic
character-mode GUI is presented with options to install SuSE, eject CD, etc.
Essentially, it's very broken.

The issue was isolated to only those GX620's with the Philips DVD drive.
Any GX620 having the generic HL-Data DVD drive worked flawlessly.

Novell and Dell have worked together on the support call that I opened a
while back on this issue. TID10100469 is the result. It's a work in
progress. I would reckon that we'll see a patch for this sooner rather than
later. Meanwhile, the workaround we've used has been to plug an external
USB CD or DVD drive and unplug the internal one. Then the same ZFD 6.5.2
boot.iso works fine once again.