The ZfD 7 documentation sub-section "Obtaining the Linux Source Code Tree"
states that the kernel source tar file can be downloaded from the Novell
support website, but it is not there.

In previous ZfD 3.2 and ZfD 4.0 releases Novell had their custom patch for
the Linux kernels which had some added code specific to Zenworks imaging
needs/bugs. Does anyone know if a custom patch (aka: Linux kernel
modification resource files) is still needed for ZfD 7, or does Novell no
longer do custom patches to the kernel and so therefore just the kernel
source .config file is needed now?

I am asking this because I want to create a custom USB boot process for
ZfD 7 imaging and would also like to compile a custom kernel, but using a
recent kernel version.

Btw, I am aware of the USB boot solution for ZfD 6.5 on Cool Solutions,
but I am wanting to put together a newer/custom USB boot process for ZfD 7.

Thanks in advance!