My school just recieved 50 of these new tablets. Using the zen 7 boot cd
it finds the nic. But now I have another problem. After the re-image the
remote machine fails to logon. Seems like the reg is corrupt. I had a
similar program with the Gateway M275. I was able to us my actuall
Windows Tablet cd's and create a fresh image with those. Not using the
restore cd's that came with the Tablet.

When I try to use those cd's on this one it says it cannot find any hard
disk. I'm assuming since it's a sata drive it needs those drivers. I
cannot find them to download at Gateways web site.

According to device manager the controller is an "Intel 82801 FB/FBM Ultra
ATA Storage Controller - 266F:

I've tried downloading what Intel has for Serial ATA drivers but that
didn't help. Does anyone know where I can find these drivers or how to
the image to work properly?

Thanks in advance.