I updated the proxy address on the linux partition on all the lab
machines using a bootCD and selecting configure parameters on Zen
Partition. The machines now boot up and say "No work to do". I thought
all was fine because the machines could see the server; however, now when
I try to schedule an imaging operation for a machine, it hangs for a few
minutes and then says "can't connect to server". The ip address of the
server is correct in the error message.

Am I correct in changing the proxy address on the zen partition or am I
missing something?

I know that the ws is getting the information to perform the imaging
operation because it doesn't hang untill I schedule the job. The fact
that is says cannot connect to server is whats weird.

If I boot to the CD and pull the image down manually it works fine, so
it's not a problem with the image.

I have tried deleting and re-registering a workstation. Tried
uninstalling and re-installing the linux partition from scratch on the
ws. Also, booting the the cd in manual mode, running img, and then
selecting check for work to be done hangs the interface if an imaging
operation has been scheduled.

Please let me know if you have experienced simillar problems when
changing server IP addresses, or if you have any ideas of things to try.


Jon Carriere
IT Technician
School District No. 72