I am working on a no name brand pc. I have loaded zen 7 zfdagent, and
imported my workstaion correctly. When i goto ziswin, it says that i have
no image safe data on this machine.
I goto view history and it says: Error occured while saving image safe
data. No message is available for this error (-107). I go to edit options,
logging tab and change from disabled to singe log or multi log debug mode
(i tried both). still nothing.
I do have an object in my workstaion containor for this pc. I have tried
unreging the system, and even deleteing the wprkstaions object. Still when
i goto ziswin i have no image safe data.
The only thing thaat i see that is different on this pc, rather then any of
my dell's is that whilew in pxe boot the
GUID is fffffff-ffff-ffff-ffffffffffff.
Does anyone have any ideas?