I made an image of a computer using the Zen 7 image disk. I put the
image on the computer's D drive. For a test, I logged into the system,
and created a new user and a few folders. I then went back and booted
into the boot disk and did a restore. It removed the newly created
user, but it did not remove the folders I created. I read through the
manual and I found that if you restore an "add-on image," it does not
remove any partitions or remove any folders. However, if you restore
the image as a "base image," it will remove everything and set it to
match the image.

Is there any way to restore the image I've made and have the system
first wipe out all the partitions and then put the image down with me
having to manually go in and first remove the partition? Is this
happening because the image is on the D drive, so it's not removing the
partitions? Thanx for your help.