After upgrading to zfd65sp2 we unable to PXE boot most of our Intel Boards with onboard NICs. (Intel D945PSN and D865PERL).

The system manages to start Caldera DR-DOS and download the linux and initrd file. After that it is closing then PXE structure and then it should load linux. But the screen simply goes blank and the system hangs... I have done some imaging on both Dell 600 and D610. And also some older Intel boards (D815EEA). No problems here.

Here comes the spooky part:
I add a 3Com905 NIC to the Intel D945PSN board (BUT leave the Intel NIC enabled in BIOS and also leave the cable in) . I PXE boot on the 3Com NIC. The system boots up fine. I run a ifconfig on the #bash. There is only one card loaded. The funny thing is that it is the Intel NIC thats loaded. I can now disconnect the cable from the 3Com NIC and do imaging... The Intel NIC work fine.

Any ideas?

Best Regards Anders

PS.: We are trying to build our own kernel based on 2.6.5-7.244 to solve the problem - but are having problems doing that. See my post with subject: Intel e1000 PXE problem