I have a source machine which has 512 byte clusters (obviously converted
from FAT to NTFS).

I want to image this and move to a larger partition (2GB > 4GB).

Imaging bombs due to NT cluster mismatch on the first file it finds that
is compressed as per TID 10059484.

Of course I can't decompress all the files (that is why I want to make it

I also can't make the new partition use 512 byte as the Imaging Engine
(v7) doesn't allow smaller than 1K.

Does anyone know of a reliable way of resizing the clusters on an NTFS
system drive ?

Alternatively, I can restore to a 2GB and then resize the partition
(remaining with 512 byte clusters) and then decompress everything and make
a new image. Can I then create a 4GB partition and preformat with 4K
clusters and then drop the image back down ? Will that work ????