Hi everyone, I apologize in advance for the length of this post. :) I've
been trying to research the addon image functionality that can be done with
zen. We have only been using imaging in a very basic manner, so please
correct me if anything is incorrect.

What we would like to do is create a base image then have our core apps be
addon images.

When creating an addon image, what I've seen is in C1 you can go to the
common tab then imaging and create a zmg file that can be used as an addon
image. What I understand is that this creates a folder under NALCache that
is imaged to the machine. Then NAL loads and installs the software
disconnected from the NALCache.

My questions are...
If this is the way the addon images work, do I need to have Zenworks loaded
on my base image to use this?

Is there any way to have the addon image actually include the program files
so that when the addon is applied, the application is actually installed
and ready for use?

I haven't found much detailed information on creating and using addon
images with zenworks imaging... I am probably just looking in the wrong
place. Any direction here would be appreciated as well.

Thanks again and sorry for the long post.