Hello all,

Hey Shaun, I finally gave-up on the D600. I just assume that there is a bug
somewhere that will get fixed down the line.

Anyway, I have been working on the idea of having a base windows XP image
for all of my workstations. I can not afford ENGL or Novacoast to help me
do this so I am on my own. I think both of these folks do a great job, only
it shouldn't be so difficult to have to need them.

Anyway, I have been playing. I have created a base windows XP image with NO
novell client and NO Zen agent. DOES THIS WORK?

I created add-on images for the Novell Client and for the Zen agent. The
images get pushed down. So what? The computer reboots and there is windows
XP in all of its glory.

I have the add-on images set to force run. What makes them force run
without the Zen Agent?

Do I have to create a base image with the Novell Client and the Zen agent?
Okay, then anytime I want to upgrade the Zen Agent or Novell Client I am
going to have to upgrade my base image. Hummmmm. I guess that is better
than the alternative.