you will have more success using a linux box to do this.

Quick overview;

unpack the iso to a temp directory, remove the boot catalog, add your
image-file and the settings.txt to the temp directory, create a new iso
using mkisofs and burn that.


Brian Clarke wrote:
> I'm trying to create a bootable DVD with an image file, so that I can plug
> it in, boot to it, and automate the restore of the local image.
> I understand the process of scripting this whole thing, but Nero is having
> problems burning the WinISO-updated bootcd.iso to a DVD drive - it rejects
> the media as being unwriteable for this type of operation. Can you use
> bootcd.iso to create a bootable DVD, or is there something equivalent to a
> bootdvd.iso that would accomplish this?
> Thanks, folks!
> brian