Been working on doing scripted installs of WXP so I can have one base
image. This is based on the Henny van der Ben Cool Solutions article

I have tried various methods of creating the FAT32 partition (Win98
format + BootitNG, WinXP Format (BartPE), MS resource kit's oformat). All
of these should create the disk sectors aligned with 4 K boundaries and
hence should convert (under XP install) to NTFS with 4K clusters.

Needless to say I always end up with 512 byte clusters after imaging and
the convert during the XP install. Arrrgh !

So I thought I would try NTFS from the word go and not do the convert
during the install - how could that go wrong ?

I boot BartPE and use Diskpart to create a patition, mark it active,
assign it a drive letter. I then format with NTFS as the file system and
do the "d:\i386\winnt32.exe /makelocalsource". Then I upload the image.
On the machine I created this on, I can reboot and it launches into the
text mode windows setup as expected.

On machines that I drop this (NTFS) image down to, I get disk read error
first up. Same hardware, same config. Drop the image onto the "build"
machine and it also gives disk read error and halts.

What am I missing here ?

Oh, ZFD 7.0.0 - no imaging patches.

Please help before the rest of my hair disappears.