I have a laptop with the following
Asus motherboard intel chipset 915gm
Marvell Yukon 88E8001,8003,8010, PCI Gigabit Ethernet Adaptor (I only
need it to function at 100mb.)
Hitachi Travelstar Hard disk

When I boot to PXE maintence mode it gets to the z_maint and then goes to
a blank screen and sits. If I copy the TFTP directory from a ZFD 6.5
server, it works fine. If I use a CD from ZEN 7 it boots but does not see
any valid partitions. I think this is because the bootcd.iso does not
include NTFS in the image. If I use a CD from ZFD 6.5 it boots and is
able to image. What I need is to use the PXE, NOT a CD. I would like to
fix the ZEN 7 CD problem also, but it is not as important as the PXE