The Zenworks 7 Imaging Server is a Windows Server 2003 SP1 box.

I have 14 Windows XP clients, running Zenworks Desktop Management,
which I need to re-image.

13 of the 14 machines re-image fine.

After re-imaging Client #11, the machine reboots, the Windows Logo
appears with the progressbar, the display turns black for a second, and
then the Zen Imaging window appears in the upper left-hand corner which
states "Zen Imaging is finalizing the configuration of this

So far everything is normal. Usually at this point, Zen Imaging sets
the computer name, reboots the machine and everything is fine. On
Client #11 though, the machine does not reboot, a message pops up
stating "Windows Cannot Load The Locally Stored Profile". Windows then
logs in with a TEMP account.

Sometimes when I can get to the Start Menu and reboot the machine right
away, the machine will come up in the correct profile, but not always.
This is a test environment, and this machine is a real pain.

The funny thing is that it seems associated with the name WINCLIENT-11
in Console One because I have put together 3 other machines to try and
replace Client #11 with all new hardware and it continues to happen on
Client #11.

I have tried deleting the instance of WINCLIENT-11 out of the
Workstations list in Console One, clearing the Image-Safe-Data, and
rebooting over and over, making sure the Mac Addresses match between
what Console One says and what the Image-Safe-Data says and still I get
this error.

In the event viewer, the error states that ntuser.dat could not be
accessed because it was being used by another process. If that's the
case, why doesn't it happen on any other of the 14 clients?

I've tried holding CTRL-ALT during PXE boot to get to the Zenworks
Maintenance prompt, typing in IMG and forcing a new image.

I just tried setting up another machine that has the same processor
speed, memory, NIC model, hard drive, etc. as the machine the image
came from and still I get the same error when attached to WINCLIENT-11.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.