After the image and add-on image are blown down to the computer it goes
through set up and then restarts where it comes back up to run the add-on
images. It add-on errors out with these two errors

1. Failed to cache application Microsoft Office 2003.
Zanecampus.zanesville Error Code was D08B

2. Unable to get attributes for application object [Microsoft office

I decided to go into safe mode before letting it boot the second time to
install the add-on image and looked in Nalcache and the folder was there
and the size of the folder was correct. I then restarted and let the
computer login and the app tried to run as usual and I received the same
errors but this time when I go to the Nalcache folder the cached folder
is gone. It is like Zen deletes it after it tried to run it. Any help
would be appreciated.