I created a Zen 7 imaging CD, then I installed the imaging partition on a
HP DC5100 computer. Rebooted, and went into manual imaging mode, entered
img, then selected restore image, filled in the required info server name
image file etc. etc. Hit next and the imaging agent hangs for about five
minutes and then reports that there is no eligable partition to recieve

When I look at the drive information it shows two empty partitions sda3
and sda4. When I try to create a partition it tells me there is not
enough space available. I'm guessing that the drive information is not
showing correctly, as where is sda1 and sda2? There is obviously a 100mb
Zen image partition as that is what I booted from so I'm guessing that
should be sda1 and sda2 must be using what's left of the drive space?

I have been using Zen for several years now, and don't see why this
functionality would have changed in 7, but has it?

Any suggestions appreciated, as I have 200 of these workstations I need
to imaged and into production.