We have about 150 new E2500s machines that we need to image so that we can
place in labs. We take the image using ZENworks 7 imaging with no apparent
problems. We then send the image down to a machine and reboot it normally.
After a long period of time the client is loaded but the only tab
available is Workstation Only. If I login using the Workstation only the
machine logs in and then immediately logs out taking me back to the login

I have attempt to login using safe mode but it does the same thing. I have
created an image without the Novell Client and I get the same results. It
appears that the image is corrupt when it goes to the server.

I am running Client 4.91 with SP2 on Windows XP with SP2. The hardware has
SATA drives in it. Can anyone please help me with this. I am at the point
where I am going to remove this and go to Ghost since I know it works. Not
my favorite answer but I have been fooling with this issue for 2 months now.

Thanks for any guidance,