The ZEN 7 Imaging CD uses dhcpcd to acquire a DHCP address. In our
environment, workstations must have specific host names in order to get a
DHCP address.

I have had to add a pump command to a script in order to get the CD to work
in our network, however, our techs still have to sit and wait while dhcpcd
attempts - and fails - to get an address.

I have tried the following to get dhcpcd to work:

1: I have created a dhcpcd.ini file with an entry of "clientid HOSTNAME".
This is needed because, according to documentation I have found dhcpcd
defaults to sending the MAC address in its dhcp request and I need the
hostname to be sent. I tried putting this file in the CD in the following

/etc (from the root of the CD itself)
in /etc inside the /boot/root file
in /etc inside the /boot/loader/initrd file

2: I modified the settings.txt file to include the HostName= parameter just
prior to the netsetup parameter

3: I have created a HOSTNAME file with a valid host name. I tried this in
the same locations of the CD as with #1.

I have tried various combinations of locations of the above and wasted a
lot of CDs. I have also talked with several people at Novell and no one
seems to know how to get dhcpcd as implemented on the Imaging CD to
recognize and use the host name for dhcp.