Hello all,

I did this at brainshare but can not do it here.

I have a base image on 1 add-on image. When I create the Add-on image I checked "Force Run", "Force Cache", and "Application Launcher". The application object itself just has "Application Launcher" checked. It is associated to Users in the container

I created a ZEN image that has both the base image and the add-on image in them. When I imaged, I could see both of the images come down.

I rebooted the workstation and logged in. I expected the application to begin to install on reboot or login. NADA. I can goto the Application Launcher and start the install process manually and it works just fine. It installs and the application launches. I do not want to do this if we are going to do a base image with all of the add-on images to follow.

This is the same problem I had a year ago when we talked about going to base images and add-on images. We simply want the add-on images to either install on reboot of imaging, or install on first login. Either way, we can not expect our users to kick off an install. They simply have too many issues to expect them to do this.

Am I missing some sort of association for this to just kick-off the install? Is there a good readme out there that addresses this issue?


Tom Hafemann