Hi Folkes..

I am just starting to try out ZFD7 Imaging.

Only about half of our PC's have PXE ( I can handle these... )

The rest need the imaging partition on them..

Now I don't know if I am being stupid but the functionality of the imaging
partition seems a little odd...

I took a PC and ripped of it's image.

I then removed all the partitions, and made the bootable linux partition.

I rebooted, and pulle dthe workstation image back onto the PC.

When I rebooted it just goes straight to windows and I could not get back to
the imaging partiton..

I reloaded the bootloader from the Imaging partition..

Now, every time the machine boot, it loads linux, says there is no work to
do and restarts with teh windows partiton active.

Is this how it works?

Can it be set so the ZenImage can be loaded manualy?

How do I get in to do manual Zen image tasks? The menu is not displayed?

The manual is very poor in regards to this.