When multicasting with ZEN 7 PC to PC it takes about an hour for the
process to complete. The image is about 4gb in size. The PCs are
connected to the rest of the network with a 100 Mbps Nortel 425 Baystack
Switch. The speed isn't that big of an issue at the moment, but it would
be nice if the process could be cut by one-third the time.

Here is the issue: when running multicasting from PC to PC (Master/Slave
setup) we have to be connected to the rest of the network for it to
work. Once we iosolate the PCs on their own switch (same switch as
mentioned above) not attached to the rest of the network multicasting
doesn't work. The slave PC is dropped from the multicast session after
about 10 secs. Error: Dropped from the Multicast Session
Why is multicasting working when PCs are connected to rest of the network
and doesn't when PCs are isolated?

Thanks for the help in advance