Migrated NetWare6 to NetWare6.5 SP5
New install of ZfD 7.
All PCs that were migrated were deleted via ConsoleOne.

As people login, their PCs are re-registered and appear in the context we
store workstation objects in.

We have a ZenWorks Imaging CD we boot from to push/pull images.
It worked fine on one PC, the one we built everything for.

PC #2, is registered in eDirectory and appears in ConsoleOne. But, on the
imgserv -debug log file, it shows the CN for the workstation to be totally
different. This PC was moved (physically) from one office to another, and
the workstation name+IP were changed. But according to the log file, it
retained the old name and IP. We do quite a bit of the "PC shuffle" at the
start of the fiscal years, so this will be a huge issue.

I assume that PCs are recognized by MAC address? How can I clear this old