I am having an issue with Compaq NC6120 laptops with the Broadcom NIC. When
pxe booting using either Zen 6.5 SP2 or Zen 7 (both use the initrd load
file) the imaging process will freeze at about 25%. Can't continue, have to
power off the laptop.

Using LSMOD I don't see any NIC drivers loaded.

I can boot the same system using the Zen 6.5.1 ISO Boot CD and the imaging
process works fine to and from the server (either Zen 6.5 sp2 or Zen 7).
After booting with this CD and running lsmod I see the BMC5700 driver

Was this driver left out of the initrd or is an updated driver needed? I am
NOT a linux person so adding the new drivers to initrd would not be easy.

Does anyone have an updated file with the new Broadcom drivers they would be
willing to share?