This is the goal :

1 PC WinXP sp2 with 2 partitions on it.(on the same HD)
C: => system drive with Win & apps
D: => data drive

The goal is to be able to restore the system drive without destroying
the data partition.

We did the following :

Setting up the PC
Ran sysprep (the WXP SP2 version)
Make separate image for each partition, to the server
Restore both images on blank disk.
Everything works fine.

Then, suppose C: (system disk) gets corrupt.
No sweat, we just restore the system partition (partition 1) and
do not touch the data. => Wrong !
After successfull restore of partition 1 we boot into Windows.
Minisetup kicks off resulting an error 'Unable to update registry...'
In the logfile the next error is showed :
SamChangePasswordUser returned status c000006a.
I suppose this has someting to do with security info stored in the
data partition (SID or something) ?
Because, if we kill both partitions and recreate/restore them,
everything works like a charm. (One problem of course ; the data is gone)

Can anybody throw a hint ?