I was evaluating two motherboards, both from Asus: the A8VE-SE and the
A8N-E. The A8VE-SE has a VIA chipset (K8T890 and VT8237R) with Marvell
88E8053 Gbit NIC, while the A8N-E has an NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra with nForce
Gbit NIC. The PXE boot to Linux time for the A8N-E is 1 minute, and the
image we plan to use takes 7 minutes to get from the server. The A8VE-SE
takes 3 minutes for the PXE boot to Linux, and the same image takes over two
hours. A command like "img i h" takes several minutes as well.

Other hardware is the same. Does anyone have any ideas why the A8VE-SE is so
slow? (It's cheaper and, other than the imaging and PXE speeds, it looks
like it will meet our needs.)