We have found that we are unable to write data to the Zisd after running "shred" from a System Rescue CD. We have reimaged the pc 3 times successfully, but after multiple reboots (5 or more) there is no data being written to Zisd. We can check from ziswin.exe and it says "No image safe data on this machine." Zisd history logs a message status "Error occured while saving the image-safe data. No message available for this error (-107)

Tried booting to pxe and use zisedit to write zifd and it does not work, gives same message as above in the log.

The image is a verified good image. We can swap out the existing shredded hard drive with "non-shred" hard drive. Reimage and the Zisd data is written to the hard drive.

This has happened on a Dell GX270 and Toshiba Satellite 1800 laptop. We will not run shred on any more HDDs until this is resolved.

(Windows XPsp2 NC4.91sp1, ZfD7, ZAM7)

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