A customer is currently using ZEN 4.01 with an old ZEN imaging partition on
each workstation. They've purchased the ZEN 7 upgrade, and intend to roll
this out in the next month or so. I've run into some pretty nasty problems
with this upgrade path, and want to upgrade their ZEN partition to IR7
before attempting to upgrade the backend servers. Having said that:

1) after updating the backend servers to 4.01 IR7, what is the process to
update the ZEN partition on each workstation?

2) once the backend servers are upgraded to 7, what is the process to
update the ZEN partition, or is it automatic? (I've heard that it's
automatic, but have run into situations where the old ZEN partitions boot
and connect to the newer ZEN backend, resulting in reboot loops.)

3) what command can be used to verify the version of the ZEN partition?

Thanks, folks!