using Netware 6.5 SP5 , Zfd 4.0.1 ir7

When manually creating a workstation image, immediately after the process
completes, the .zmg file does not show up. A quick check of salvage
files, in the location where the image was supposed to be created, shows
that the .zmg file had been deleted by O=[Supervisor] seconds after the
image process completed.

When this happens, the workstation imaging screen on the server shows 0
images received. We've double/triple/quadruple checked the IP address for
the image server and the UNC path we use in the command line. We're 100%
certain that this isn't a matter of incorrect IPs or server names.

The problem seems to be completely random. Sometimes, creating the image
works just fine. Most of the time, the new image files get *poofed* into

Anyone have any solutions or suggestions?