I was running Zen 7 for desktops without any hotpacks. I installed HP3
and now all of a sudden I can't PXE boot. Here's what happens:

Executing DNX: Menu.DNX with Parameters "DEFMENU.DAT"
Menu.DNX (Build 55)
Menu Data File: DEFMENU.DAT
Executing DNX: LoadLindnx with parmameters "cmd\z_maint.cmd"
LOADLIN.DNX v5.6 (Build 119)
Downloading config file "cmd\z_maint.cmd"
Downloading kernel "boot/linux"
Downloading intitrd ""
LOADLIN.DNX Error downloading ""!
Error:72 - The Universal Network Driver (UNDI) could not be started

Now, I'm pretty sure the problem is it's not getting the path to Initrd
but I for the life of me can't find where I can give it that path. As it
stands, I can't PXE boot and Zen image.

Any help?