Hello all,

I made an image on a IBM 9210 Thinkcentre. I was able to download the
image on an IBM 8172 Thinkcentre without any problems. I then tried to
download the image on an IBM 8183 Thinkcentre. The image downloaded but
it froze when restarting. I am able to boot the workstation and login to
the operating system in only 2 ways. One way is safe mode and the other
way is by selecting enable vga mode on the boot after pressing F8 when
windows starts. When logging in via vga mode I can login through the
client and do everything that I need to, but when I try a normal boot the
workstation hangs. Zenworks was never able to finish the after imaging
process where it changes the workstation name and make other settings
changes. Does anyone know how I can proceed so that I can do a normal