Due to the nature of our organisation we really need to be using addon
images in conjuction with imaging policies. We have finally managed to get
a working model, but while exploring multicasting (which we have to do) we
have discovered that you can only source a zmg file. What can we do? I
think I read somewhere that you can use image explorer to add addons, is
this true? Will this work?

Second our Cisco switches are managed by a third party and we have
requested getting wake-up (magic packet)on lan to work but he has given us
a script to run to allow it when we need it because he does not believe it
good security practice to leave broadcasting open. I know of other
organistions in our area which are using Magic Packet and I am not quite
convinced by his story is there a URL anywhere that we can point him to

Thirdly we need to allow multicasting on our cisco switches before we can
go down that path what do we need to do or is it standard multicasting ports