Hello: Hope the subject enticed you a little.

We use ZfD7 imaging extensively to push out Windows XP pro
images. We also use MS sysprep to help automate the post
imaging setup of the machines.

Our post-imaging process works as follows:
1. After image is pushed down the system restarts and the
MS mini-setup runs. The system reboots.
2. We install the NW and ZfD clients silently and reboot.
3. The system processes ZfD after image stuff to set the
workstation name and IP address if this was a re-image job.
Nothing else takes place here. The system reboots.
4. Based on step 3, the system will setup the zenworks
import server registry settings according to rules based on
the machine name. the system reboots.
5. iPrint gets installed and the system gets imported
(updated) into the tree. the system reboots for the last

I based the above procedure off of work done by others and
posted in a cool solution. My question is: Can I combine
any of the above steps to save on a reboot or two??? I
could save the registry setup step if I customized several
images, one for each OU (which have their own import server)
but that would be lots of work too. I like 1 image.

Thanks for your time, Chris.