One thing I've noticed as we're gradually using more and more of the
functionality of ZEN7, is that for whatever reason images take a very
long time to create from a workstation, in the neighborhood of 215
minutes (3 hours 35 minutes) for a 4GB installation (compression set to
Speed, the image file ends up being 2.5GB). Conversely, it takes only
18 minutes to bring the image down using multicast. When we created
these same images in Ghost, it took around 18 minutes to create and
maybe 10 minutes to come down, in the same network environment. Is
there some setting in ZEN that I'm overlooking? It just seems like an
inordinately long period of time that it takes to create the image.
Bringing it down I'm not worried about so much, because we're not
currently set up to use Ghost in multicast so we gain a lot when we do
multiple machines (two PCs being imaged in Ghost can take upwards of 40
minutes, add another PC and we're looking at an hour and a half!). But
I'm just wondering why the image creation takes so long.

Using the ZENworks boot CD, not PXE.

Thanks in advance.