I have a lot of D510 to be imaged with ZEN, but there is a strange
If I use BootCD - it works fine, I can image portable from DVD or HDD
(I have images on both).
If I want to boot ZEN partition from my HDD it does not recognize the
SerialATA harddisk after initrd is loaded in memory and "ZENworks
imaging program" starts to work. The error message "ZENworks harddisk
is not found" . Now, if I do manually "modprobe ata_piix", the harddsik
is recognized and I can manually do the stuff.

I've checked "modules" - directory: ata_piix is there. "modules.conf"
has a record to load this module... If I'm trying to "force" the
loading of this module - I've got another error message and no working

Does anyone know how to shoot this trouble?

P.S. I may have made a mistake in the name of module: piix_ata or
ata_piix, I don't remember it by now, I did the stuff 2 weeks ago just
before the vacation :)