This Novell TID describes everything precisely: 10100249

We are using the Dell Latitude D410 with BIOS A05. We are running ZDM
7.0 HP2.

The symptom is that we receive a blinking cursor after an image is
restored to the laptop. In addition, when we boot into maintenance mode
and look at the "Drive Information", the ZEN Imaging Engine reports we
have a 32gb Hard Disk. We do not. We have 60gb Fujitsu hard disks
installed. No combination of deleting and re-adding partitions seems to
have any affect.

On another Dell Latitude D410 (with the A05 BIOS) with a Toshiba 60gb
hard disk, no problems whatsoever. Everything works perfectly.

All things being equal, the problem seems to be with the ZENworks Imaging
Engine's capability to properly recognize a Fujitsu hard drive over a
Toshiba hard drive.

Anyone experience this problem or know of a fix or workaround? There is
nothing better than finding a Novell TID that is five months old
with "Reported to Novell Engineering".