My NIC is not found in ZfD 7 and I'm trying to compile the driver I
have. ZfD documentation points me to TID 10091818 which is less than

Specifically I'm looking for the file in step 2 of 'Obtaining the Linux
Source Code Tree'

"2. Obtain the proper configuration file from one of the following

The location given is the above TID. There is no config file to be
found and I wouldn't even know what it looks like even if it was there.
(The docs say to goto that same TID to get the source code tree...but
that's not there either - go figure)

Overall, I'm less than enthused about the way ZfD imaging works when it
comes to Linux and drivers. It shouldn't be this difficult. I know next
to nothing about Linux and yet I'm required to compile my own driver?
It doesn't seem like a task for a Linux beginner but I don't see any
other solution.

BTW, my NIC is a Realtek RTL8169/8139 - onboard an MSI nForce4 k8ngm2
motherboard and can be found here:

if anyone feels like helping me out ;) (kernel linux-2.6.5-7.191)